Building tomorrow’s Kingdom leaders today.

  • Character Development

    We equip young leaders to walk in their kingdom identity and call through character development, self-awareness, and self-confidence built upon real-world experience.

  • Biblical Stewardship

    We equip young leaders to steward their time, talent, and treasure in academic, business, and organizational contexts.

  • Vision Empowerment

    We equip young leaders to participate in God’s kingdom so they can influence the culture through business, organizational, and ministry leadership.

Our Program

Forerunner Leadership Institute, Inc. is an Idaho nonprofit corporation that operates an independent leadership development program for high school students that equips them to become leaders in God’s Kingdom.

Classroom Training

Students meet one day per week after school for classroom discussions covering leadership theory and practical skills. Students are lead through curriculum such as “Habitudes” by Tim Elmore and “Introduction to Life Purpose” by David Snyder, and guest speakers are brought in to class to share their real world experiences. Students also participate in experiential challenges such as extemporaneous speaking, debates, and group activities, and have leadership opportunities such as leading group discussions or team activities.


All FLI students participate in service projects and mentoring throughout the year with FLI partner organizations. Additionally, students in 11th and 12th grade intern with a FLI partner organization. This consists of 2-4 hours per week working in the organizational setting, shadowing key individuals to explore roles and responsibilities, participating in the organization’s day-to-day operations, and completing meaningful projects such as research projects focused on business and operational awareness, marketing and sales projects, and product improvement projects.

Leadership Retreats

Each summer, students have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate experiential leadership training events. Possible events include a ropes-course challenge for 9th graders, a backpacking trip for 10th graders, educational travel to Washington, DC for 11th and culminating with an Israel trip for graduating 12th graders.

Why Join

  • Students learn, test, and refine biblical and critical thinking in real-life settings.
  • Students will develop a Personal I.D. statement, encapsulating their identity and life calling.
  • Students will learn to vision, set goals, plan, and execute in age-appropriate ways.
  • Students will be exposed to cross-cultural opportunities.
  • Students will be trained to be competent in business and organizational settings as participants and leaders.
  • Students will receive training for personal and leadership success including communication and team collaboration.


In addition to providing our own leadership training, we recognize the value of enabling students to achieve other educational pursuits. To this end, FLI grants scholarships to students based on need and fund availability. Scholarships can be directed towards private school tuition, or extra curricular educational opportunities.

Our Core Values

The Kingdom of God

God’s kingdom is restoring creation and culture through the power of the gospel. The Forerunner Leadership Institute stands on the reality of who Jesus is and what he’s doing in the world as its rightful king. Our passion and commitment is for and to God’s kingdom.


God is a blesser. We’re blessed with the capacity to taste and share his blessing. Since we walk in blessing, we believe the Forerunner Leadership Institute will be populated with people—leaders and students—who are empowered to multiply God’s blessing across the layers of culture.

Seed and Harvest

God’s kingdom is built on the principle of sowing and reaping. The Forerunner Leadership Institute plants God’s kingdom in the lives of the next generation, expecting fruit in and through their efforts. Like the mustard seed, we expect God’s kingdom to expand in the next generation. And our efforts are ultimately successful when then next generation extends Jesus’ kingdom into the next generation.

Support Mechanism

The Forerunner Leadership Institute is a support mechanism to families and local churches. It’s not designed to replace the unique calling of the family or church. Rather, it functions to affirm what these two God-ordained institutions already do and partner with them in their student’s growth and ministry.


The key to success is doing less to accomplish more. The Forerunner Leadership Institute isn’t designed to give students more to do. Rather, its designed to help them succeed at what they’re already doing in family and congregational life and to take advantages of the opportunities available to them in the larger culture.

Learning is Doing

Humans learn by doing. The emphasis of the Forerunner Leadership Institute is to give young leaders the opportunity to do the work of kingdom leadership right now. In doing the work of the kingdom, young leaders will have opportunity to fail and succeed, to engage in something with eternal meaning, and to see miracles even in their youth.