Our Purpose

What motivates the Forerunner Leadership Institute?

Heaven’s invasion of earth is visible in every generation and is a breathtaking glimpse of God’s eternal kingdom. And believers are invited to participate in this unfolding drama. Jesus commands us to pray, “May your kingdom come. May your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Through the power of the gospel, God’s kingdom seeps into creation, slowly restoring people, families, churches, and culture.

While we won’t see the fullness of God’s restoration until Messiah returns, we can see increasing measures of God’s blessing in every generation.

How does God’s blessing invade creation? Through his church, the chosen people of God. As bearers of his gospel and covenant promises, we’re empowered to function as a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, God’s special possession, and chosen people. As the king of all kings, ruling the nations right now from heaven, Jesus invites us to participate in the expansion of his life.

Not only is God’s kingdom extending into creation, its impact is felt across generations. Jesus’ vision and work transcends our time and place and works itself into every generation. His kingdom started before us and will continue after us. So, it’s incumbent upon us to think not only of our children but our children’s children—and their children.

Knowing firsthand our culture’s assault on God’s kingdom, we’re asking these questions. Is it possible for the next generation to rise above self-focused, small-mindedness American youth culture? To go beyond the idolatry of self-serving kingdoms to build God’s kingdom? To walk with maturity and authority even as young adults? To know who they are and live within their God-given call all the days of their life? We believe it’s not only possible but it’s promised!

God’s people are called to be the head, not the tail. To live as culture makers. To be leaders in music, media, dance, and art. To be trailblazers for economics that are just and fruitful. To be world-class scientists, thinkers, and leaders. To own businesses that multiply opportunity and value in culture. To walk as revolutionaries of peace in a world of bloody revolutions. To contend for miracles. To be the next generations’ statesmen and political leaders.

And we can start now.

The Forerunner Leadership Institute builds tomorrow’s leaders today.